Weekly Reflection

Hi everyone,

Last week for homework I was supposed to write a weekly reflection and send it. Well I forgot to send it so I ‘m doing it now. So just pretend it’s this time last week.

Well in maths we have been focusing on Cartesian planes which are a type of graph. I thought I did pretty well. I learnt heaps but there still is a few things I don’t know a bout Cartesian planes. In literacy we started an assessment. You have to write a plan of your narrative and then a good copy, do a reciprocal reading piece, the lap test and finally a story graph. I’m on task right now except I don’t think I will get the good copy of the narrative done. In big idea i’m with my friend Elly and the whole of 5/6’s focus is Australian history. We decided to do 3 tasks and they were a timeline, prezi and 5 medals.  Where’re on task and we hope to get everything completed. Well that’s been my week. Please leave a comment!

Home and Away poem

When you wake up to the morning routine

You know its another normal day in life

As I slip out of bed

I already hear the fights

All over apricot yougurt

I chuck my lunch

In my bag

Then, bye mum

See ya dad

Well all of that happened

6 months ago

Now all I can hear is the sound of

Guns, bombs, planes, screams

“Get on the boat” dad yells

It is rusty, small and

sways from side to side

There is only two words that fill my mind

At this point in time and they are

Home or away

and I sure know

where I

would prefer to be right now






Maths workshop

In maths we have all made our own workshops to present to the class. I did a workshop on percentages with 2 friends. Our focus was learning how to work out percentages in an efficient way. We had no idea at the start but now we have a really good understanding. Percentages are now fun and easier to work out!


R.E homework

For the R.E homework task I chose my Dad, the gifts and fruits of the holy spirit that she shows are…

The gifts are..
Courage: Dad shows courage by doing things that he might not have done before. (e.g. being goal umpire at my brothers footy)
Knowledge: Dad shows knowledge by helping me with homework because she is always giving me ideas when I am stuck.
Understanding: Dad shows understanding by listen to me when I’m upset or stuck and will help me get thought it

The fruits are…
Joy: Dad shows joy all the time because he is always cracking jokes that he thinks are funny when there not and being sarcastic around her friends and family
Modesty: Dad shows modesty because she never brags about his success even if he does very well.
Generosity:Dad shows generosity because he lets me use his laptop for homework and looks after me when I’m sick even if he’s busy.
Kindness: Dad shows kindness because he will take me around to the park and help me practise my sport.

Weekly Reflection

This is a weekly reflection on what I thought I did well and what I could have done better.

Monday- Monday was just a typical school day, in Literacy we had to get into a group of 4 and create and advertisement about a product and do a live performance at the end of the week, I was in a group with Ella,Milly and Tamika and we were advertising shampoo. In the afternoon all of the year 6′s went to the church to have a practice for confirmation which is on Sunday but we all had to catch a bus because it was raining and freezing.

Tuesday- On Tuesday we practiced our advertisement and we all brought in a prop, and I had to bring in the bad shampoo. We had maths and we are learning how to add and subtract 3 fraction sums and at first I was so confused but now it is so easy I think that I could do it in my sleep.

Wednesday- Today all of the year 6′s went to church for the whole day to have a reflection day and first we sat down and listened to the bishop talk us about what confirmation means and other things like that, then we learnt were we where going to sit on the day and when to walk up then we did a full run thought.Then we had our snack and had a little play outside. After snack we came back into the church for a little bit of a reflection time and previously our parents wrote us a note about what the are proud of and how much they love us and we had to read them some of my friends got emotional but I didn’t.

Thursday- We had specialist day which is were we don’t have any of our regular teachers or subjects we had Indonesian, Art, Sport, schoolebraty Appreciate, and drama but most of my friends weren’t there because they went to a netball round robin and they came back winners and got though to the next round.

Friday- We presented our advertisement’s and it was very interesting to see everybody’s acts doing so well and when it came around to our turn surprisingly we did really well even though someone forgot to bring there prop. At the end of the day i was excited for the weekend we are celebrating my dads 40th and my confirmation.

Homework – Footprint challenge

Hi everyone,

This week for homework we did some activities and one of them was the footprint challenge where you take a quiz to see if everyone lived like me how many worlds we would need. Well if everyone lived like me we would need three worlds. Now I would like to change it down to 2 or possibly 1  world so maybe if I reduced the animal products that I currently eat by half, brought things with less packaging  and brought things that are 100% recycled (paper) maybe that would help. What do you think? Well maybe you could take the challenge and tell me how you went and what you could change.

start and stop poems

During sleep

Wherever I am

My mind runs wild

Its a whole different place

I do what I want

When I want

Its where magic happens

And this is all

During sleep

After the sun sets

Children go to bed

Animals come out

Strange noises appear

Leaves rustle

The bright moon shines

In different shapes

Every night

After the sun sets

When the laughter stopped

Well that was a long time ago

Tears were everywhere

People were burnt

Everything was destroyed

No place to live

For a long time

When the laughter stopped



Week 3 post

Hi everyone i’m back again this week is a bit more interesting and fun for me and the rest of the grade 6’s but on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the grades 5’s weren’t having so much fun as they were doing naplan. While they were doing naplan the grade 6’s were with there buddies helping them write books, I think they had a good time. When we got back we started doing conformation stuff and that took us to reccess which ment naplan was finshed for the day. After recess we watched a movie you could choose out of dolphin tale or life of pi, I watched dolphin tale. We had to write a movie review about 6 main events in the movie as an activitie. Well the movie was really good and really long it went for something like 2 hours and 15 minutes. At home nothing interesting is really happining on Saturday mum had a working bee for the school and dad went to my brothers football in Leopold and on Sunday we had a conformation mass and after that my nana and popa came down from melboune for lunch and to give me a dress for my friends party. My brother had his friend over and thats basically my whole week so if you want to find out more come to my blog next week and read another post again. By the way if you want please leave a comment and tell me about your week. Bye 🙂

week 2 post

Hi everyone,

I’m back again I hope you’ve had a good week, well last week I talked about me being sick well thank god thats over.Well now I back up and on the run except then my brother caught nearly the exact same thing that I had a week ago. I had soccer training for zones and even thought were training we still don’t know when or where it is.This weekend is more exiting then last I’ve got my friends party and mothers day is on I got my mum a cookbook from the mothers day stall and my dad brought us to give to her this really nice red bowl and an egg holder plate, I made her a card with flowers on it to go with it. The 5/6’s had a maths assessment and in literacy had to write a narrative well since I’m on the buddy committee I was at art helping the preps.Well I think that’s all about my week. It wasn’t that interesting but I had some stuff to write about so if you want to read more come next week and I have more to tell you! bye 🙂

Student blogging challenge

Student Blogging Challenge

Queen Elizabeth the second

“What is your favoruite highlight of being the queen?”

Lauren Jackson

“Who inspised you to play basketball?”

Louis Tomlinson

“How do you deal with all the popularity?”

Taylor Swift

“Why are all your songs about boys?”

Neil Armstrong

“How did they choose who was the first on the moon out of you and Buzz Aldren?”

Adam Sandler

“What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?”

Barack Obama 

“What was it like growing up?”

Oprah Winfrey

“If so many people look up to you, well then who do you look up to?”

Albert Einstein

“Were you happy with who you were and how your life was?”

Julia Gillard

“Do you think you will win the next election?Why?”